Back in the States once again. Updates to follow…

Latest Images From the Road

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The Parameters of Travel:

…my personal guidelines for the way I approach art, life and rucksacking

  1. No Assumptions; No Expectations…

    – by making assumptions/expectations we set ourselves up for the black & white of success or failure, happiness or disappointment… by keeping an open, non-judging mind, we can experience the moment fully, embrace the satisfaction and beauty inherent in all experiences

  2. Live Light

    – by reducing the things we cling/attach to, even those we carry (as opposed to “possess”), we can keep both our pack and attitude lighter – a perspective that honors both the traveler and the thinker

  3. Keep your Eyes Keen & your Bed on the Ground

    – realize that we can never be prepared enough, yet work to learn from these experiences so that we become sharper, more adapt and flexible – allowing us to perceive things as they truly exist, without the unfocused immoderation of comfort and pleasure.

  4. Put your Trust in your own Strength

    – in the end we all must come to terms with our own solitude… though the road is often shared, the journey is always one’s own. By facing this, we can begin to trust and depend on our own discernment (for all things). Once we do this, the road becomes more welcoming and more easily shared.




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  6. Hey, Jon. Are you still maintaining this blog?
    Erik sept 16 2017

  7. Hey, Jonathan.
    Enjoyed your website immensely today. I know you’re getting the travel buzz these days. Let’s meet at Marisa’s for that coffee you mentioned here. Chess before you go. Erik

    • jhnanders

      Thanks Erik! I’m glad you had a chance to check it out. I’ve imensly enjoyed our time together talking, working on the type writers, trying to teach me chess… It’s called a Knight!! 😛 I look forward to meeting up with you again before I go and would love to continue our conversations/coffee time when I get back from this project!

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